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Bring Some Artistic Beauty Into Your Life



Super Dope Prints has been created by Grammy and MTV Video Award winning painter and creative juggernaut Shah Wonders in efforts to continually bring his highly praised paintings and exclusive prints to the eyes and hands of his collectors. With his unique style of contemporary, modern, abstract and pop art with a twist of Japanese sensibilities, Wonders' has been able to chisel a very unique brand of visual fantasy! 


Armed with his paints and pens Wonders’ has created unfathomable works of beauty for some of the worlds most dazzling brands and celebrities alike. From groundbreaking musical artist such as TLC, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige and John Lennon to icons like Tyra Banks, Marc Ecko and Jay-Z. Even Nike, Sony Records and Peabody Award Winning writer Kenya Barris have all had they’re hands on the Wonders' experience. 


These gicleé prints are museum quality with a beautiful satin matte finish. The watercolor pieces are printed on100% William Turner cotton rag paper! These prints are a must have for any collector and fan of the Super Dope Prints brand. Now treat yourself!


T. 347-371-0130  |  shahwonders@gmail.com